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[ Up ]The HOA (Home Owners Association)

All homeowners in the HOAM Demonstration Site are automatically granted and become Members of the Homeowners Association (HOA). The HOA is a non-profit corporation that governs much of the "look and feel" of the community.

While some homeowners believe that the HOA has the power to remedy any and all problems in the community, our authority is limited by jurisdiction and the law as it pertains to individual homesteads. The HOA responds to complaints from residents, but also relies on regular inspections of the property by the management company, board members, and the various committees. Regular drive-bys, walk-bys, and greenbelt patrols include inspection of the community property, front and rear neighborhood entrances, and all homes in the neighborhood.

You should familiarize yourself with the Bylaws and Covenants of the neighborhood, which detail the responsibilities you have as a Member of the Association. All of the details that concern how the HOA operates, including the Bylaws and Covenants, are available on the Documents page.

The HOA is managed by a Board of Directors, which consists of five homeowners elected each year from the neighborhood. The Board may always be contacted via email at board@example.com, as well as by each individual's email address below. Additionally, many of your neighbors graciously volunteer their time and efforts towards the amenities and activities that make the neighborhood such a unique place to live. We are deeply grateful for the time and effort these Board Members and all volunteers have devoted to our neighborhood.

Please familiarize yourself with the Covenants and Bylaws of the Association.
HOA legal documents, as well as new homeowner information and drawings of the neighborhood.
Various homeowner forms for voting by proxy, email notification, and the neighborhood directory.
Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes for all of the HOA Board meetings.
Various notifications that have been sent to homeowners regarding Association issues.