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Welcome to the demonstration site for HOAM. It has been loaded with sample information so you can get an idea of how your Association would make use of the various capabilities and reporting options. There are two accounts that may be used to login:

Site Administrator
Username "Admin", password "admin"
This account provides complete access to the site to add/remove homeowners, budget entries, user accounts, new properties, run reports, etc.
Sample Homeowner
Username "JohnQ", password "public"
This account is configured as a standard validated homeowner of the association, which allows them to view information about their account, submit work requests, view public information for the association, etc.

Please note that the contents of this site will be overwritten daily with the default configuration and data to guard against vandalism.

Paragraph Test

Posted By Admin on Wednesday, April 4 @ 10:57pm

Test This is a test of paragraphs.
  1. item 1
    1. item a
  2. item 2
    1. item a
    2. item b
      1. item b1
  3. item 3
  • item 1
    • item a
  • item 2
    • item a
    • item b
      • item b1
  • item 3

    Updated: Tuesday, April 10 @ 8:06pm

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