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Congratulations on installing HOAM! Several default pages have been created and configuration options have been set for you already. Please review the information below for next steps.

A default administration account has been configured
Username "Admin", password "admin"
This account provides complete access to the site to add/remove homeowners, budget entries, user accounts, new properties, run reports, etc.
It's recommended you start by performing the following steps:
  1. Change the default password for the Admin account.
  2. Navigate to Website Administration ⇒ System Configuration
    • The vast majority of the settings can probably be left at their default value. However, you will need to change items on at least the Budget, Email, Homeowners, Letters, Organization, and Website tabs.
    • Make sure the important settings (such as the Association assessment amount, due dates, and appropriate accounts, email addresses, categories, groups, users and vendors) are updated.
  3. Enter vendors used by the Association; at a minimum an account needs to be created for the Association itself as well as the management company.
    • If there is not a management company, simply enter the Association's information everywhere it says management company.
    • After doing this, you'll need to make sure you update the vendor information.
  4. Review the default financial accounts and add or remove any as necessary; at a minimum Income and Expense accounts need to exist.
  5. Add new streets and lot numbers for all of the residences in your neighborhood.
  6. Add homeowners for each of the newly created addresses.
  7. Review the default budget categories and add or remove any as necessary.
  8. Create a Budget to track your expenses and income against.
  9. Review and modify the default violation categories to match the specifics of your governing documents. The default categories use specific language that will not match your governing documents..
  10. Edit this page (click the in the upper-right corner) to remove this notice.


Posted By Admin on Saturday, May 2 @ 9:14pm

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